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January 2012 Archives

Is Divorce Contagious? How You Can Beat the Bug

According to recent research, "being friends with someone who gets divorced makes someone 147 percent more likely to get divorced themselves." Studies show that you do not have to experience divorce yourself to change the way you view divorce. Often times experiencing divorce through a friend or relative changes a person's own view on the topic. Perhaps the experience inspires you to have a voice in your own marriage, or to admit to yourself that you are not happy. At the very least, when a close friend or relative is going through a divorce, we all ask ourselves, "am I happy" or "could this happen to me?"

Adjusting to deployment, then home life may be equally difficult

For many soldiers, adjusting to a deployment can be extremely difficult. Likewise, when a soldier returns home to his or her family, the adjustment can be just as challenging. Perhaps these adjustments are affecting the rate of military divorce in Louisiana since the start of the Iraq War 10 years ago.

Millionaire tries to save fortune, mansion in divorce

A 91-year-old man, touted the greatest salesman of all time, has evicted his 42-year-old wife from his mansion and repossessed her Bentley in a bitter divorce battle. He strongly believes that she is actively pursuing his fortune. Like Louisiana, California is a community property division state. In a community property state, spouses will generally split the assets and income acquired by either spouse during the marriage in the event of a divorce.

Wrongly-ordered child support payments will not be reimbursed

Many Louisiana parents are aiming to confirm paternity of a child in 2012. With more unmarried couples having children, there has been an increase in the DNA testing procedure according to some reports. Paternity tests are often used in determining child support. Without them, a father can lose his rights to see his child. Conversely, a man can be wrongly ordered to make these payments when he is not the father.

Katy Perry, Russell Brand to divorce

When celebrities divorce, the stakes can be very high. This is primarily because substantial assets will most likely be involved. Many times, the dissolution of a high asset divorce will be governed by a pre-nuptial agreement. When there is no pre-nuptial agreement in place, the divorce will be subject to the laws of the particular state it was filed in.

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