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February 2012 Archives

Custody of pets is a growing concern in divorces

Perhaps the most difficult and emotionally taxing part of a divorce is determining child custody. Parents who are splitting up may not want to put the children in the middle of their separation, but children are affected nonetheless. With increasing frequency, it is not just the children who may be caught in the middle.

Gift exchange: When is a gift considered marital property?

Couples in New Orleans contemplating divorce can quickly discover that the process of property division can be more complicated than they anticipated. Louisiana, like a number of other states, is a community property jurisdiction. This generally means that both spouses share equally in the income, debt and assets acquired by either of them during the marriage.

Many now using home DNA tests to determine paternity

Many New Orleans parents are increasingly using home DNA tests sold in drugstores to determine or verify the true paternity of children. One company which markets such over -the-counter test kits indicates that its research shows that over 10 percent of all U.S. adults have had questions about the paternity of a child in their family.

The high stakes of high-asset divorces

Although the general public may think of Hollywood relationships as perfect, filled with glamour and romance, the truth is that many celebrities experience a great deal of financial worry after splitting up with a spouse. Divorce is just as common among the elite as it is among everyday people. Celebrities, however, often have to deal with the particular problems that accompany high-asset divorce.

Divorce More Apt to Harm Health When Young

An interesting article based upon Sociology professor Dr. Hui Liu's findings published in Social Science & Medicine finding that contrary to a generally held beleif that divorce is harder upon those that have been married for several years, divorce is actually more mentally demanding and stressing on younger couples.   

Ongoing counseling recommended in child custody case

Parents who are divorcing commonly find themselves involved in arguments and disagreements regarding the welfare of their children. Even after a court has made a decision regarding child custody, parents in New Orleans may still exhibit hostile and angry behavior towards the other parent. Ongoing legal action may be necessary in cases when the situation is especially adverse.

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