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Results of paternity tests have significant impact

By the time a person in New Orleans requests a paternity test to confirm the biological parent of a child, there is likely already a contentious dispute underway. Either a man might not believe that he is the father of a child or the mother may need to prove biology to collect child support payments. In any case, it can quickly grow into a bitter battle.

In cases of paternity, though, the most important aspect is to determine the parentage of a child. That child is an innocent party to whatever arguments are happening between the adults. These issues, therefore, should be put aside so that a child does not get put in the middle.

Recently, professional baseball player David Ortiz was required to take a paternity test. The mother of a 17-year-old boy claimed that Ortiz was the father of her son. Ortiz emphatically denied ever knowing the woman. In fact, he says, he has been unfairly criticized for not taking responsibility of the child. It was all cleared up, though, when test results showed that there is a 0.0 percent chance that Ortiz fathered the young man.

Paternity testing may be important in several situations. In this case, it released Ortiz from the false accusations and potential for being used for his money. Other times, a mother or a father may need to confirm biological status in order to legally set custody or visitation arrangements. More importantly, a parent may simply want to confirm biological status so that a child can have a full awareness of his or her background.

A DNA test can help to either verify or refute fatherhood. In the event that a man finds out he has been paying support for a child that is not his, or if a mother needs to legitimize paternity to establish child support, legal assistance may be helpful.

Source: USA Today, "David Ortiz relieved by paternity test result," Gabe Lacques, March 9, 2012

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