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August 2012 Archives

Paternity testing has higher demand, more options

Parents in New Orleans and throughout the country sometimes wonder whether or not the father listed on a birth certificate is truly the biological relative of the child named. Because of this demand, one 42-year-old man took his DNA clinic and revamped it, turning it into a mobile paternity testing center. The clinic has given many parents answers to their doubts and questions already, but some experts believe that the mobile testing center is a cause for worry.

Avoiding litigation in divorce may save assets from liquidation

When divorce hits a married couple in New Orleans, one of the first concerns spouses may focus on is their shared wealth. How will the money be split? Who will get which assets? Will alimony and child support be paid? How am I going to survive with my income alone? The property division process can be one of the more stressful portions of a divorce.

Long-term marriages have more wealth, often more divorce issues

The longer a marriage lasts, the more likely it is for a couple to have collected wealth together. In Louisiana, this wealth may come in the form of vacation properties, vehicles, boats, 401(k) plans and investment portfolios. Many things can and are considered to be marital property. That is why, when a divorce occurs in a long-term marriage, there is often the issue of a complex asset division.

Property division can be challenging in divorce, even for a judge

When a Louisiana couple acquires assets during their marriage, these assets are considered community property. This means that if the couple divorces, the assets are distributed equally and are subject to a property division. This ensures that each spouse retains a fair amount of any acquired assets. Divorcing couples in New Orleans should take heed that any art they acquire will be split equally when they divorce, even if it is hard to define.

Pentagon: Military divorces at highest level in a decade

The Pentagon has reported that the military divorce rate is the highest it has been in 10 years. Just last year alone, there were over 30,000 divorces that involved a spouse serving in the military. It is clear that the trauma of serving in combat is not left behind when soldiers return home to their families, resulting in ever-increasing military divorce rates across the United States

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