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September 2012 Archives

Federal-state law conflict benefits military vet divorcee

One of the most misunderstood things about the United States justice system is the various levels of jurisdiction. On the one hand, Louisiana and the other states pass their own laws regarding various issues. On the other, there are federal laws addressing some of those same issues. One of the toughest challenges our courts face is determining which set of laws should take precedence. There is a general rule that says federal law preempts state law. But knowing when competing laws are present can be sometimes tricky.

Postnuptial agreements are on the rise, survey says

Many married couples in Louisiana have chosen to avoid making a prenuptial agreement. These agreements allow spouses to predetermine certain aspects of the divorce including spousal support and property division. Even though there have been many couples that chose not to make prenups, there is the postnuptial agreement, a similar document that is made some time after the marriage has begun but before it has ended.

Splitting New Orleans couples may learn from celebrity divorces

As we wrote about earlier this year, supermodel Heidi Klum and singer Seal were married for seven years. They have four kids -- three of their own and one that was born to Klum before they were married and which was formally adopted by Seal. Together, the couple may have significant assets. But their split seven months ago has not yet been finalized and many are watching as the process becomes a complex divorce littered with stressful allegations and emotional turmoil.

Program seeks to strengthen married military couples

Married military couples in Louisiana live with stressors that civilian couples may not have to experience. Different deployments and duties can leave a married couple separated for weeks or months at a time, something that can make maintaining a relationship very hard. Due to this, military divorce has become a worry, but some programs have been created to address the issue of marriage dissolution in the military. One of these programs is called Strong Bonds and it has been around since 1999.

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