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October 2012 Archives

Doubts about paternity? Consider DNA test sooner not later

When a couple gives birth to a newborn child in Louisiana and the couple is married, the husband is placed on the birth certificate as the father without any second thoughts. But if the couple is not married or someone has doubts about whom the father is, what then? When paternity becomes an issue, there is at least one way that this can be confirmed: a DNA test.

Could divorce cause health issues for children later in life?

Many divorcing parents in New Orleans are primarily worried about one thing: the children. Property division and spousal support may both be financially important, but the child custody determination is one that can determine the emotional future for a parent and her or his children. The rest of a child's life can be affected by which parent is given primary custody. Due to this, many have realized that custody determination is extremely important.

Prenup helps eliminate complexities in high asset divorce

One of the more recent Hollywood splits left some people in Louisiana and other states surprised because the divorce was practically over by the time rumors about it coming had leaked through grocery store tabloids. In the majority of cases, a celebrity divorce results in a complex division of assets but the dissolution between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes seemed to be anything but complex.

Some child custody disputes determined by military duty

Some parents in Louisiana are not just parents and husbands or wives, they are also members of the armed forces and because of this, they may be discriminated against during a divorce proceeding. That may be shocking to some but this does occur in military divorce cases, depending on the jurisdiction. Due to this, a group of legal experts have come up with the Deployed Parents Custody and Visitation Act.

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