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November 2012 Archives

Mother will not acknowledge paternity of her child

The number of mothers who do not know the fathers of their children is high enough to discuss the topic of determining who that person is. Without an acknowledgement of paternity, a mother can be left without child support and the assistance in caring for a child that a father often brings. But what happens when a mother does not want to acknowledge that a man who believes he is the father is just that?

Military divorces highlighted by recent CIA resignation

The recent resignation of David Petraeus from his post as director of the CIA was unexpected, as was the truth of his infidelity. This has forced many people to consider the presence of the military divorce and the effects that it can have on the stability of the institution of marriage as well as the U.S. military.

Older divorces likely to have more assets

The Baby Boomers are now over the age of 50. When they were young adults, experts say they caused an upturn in the number of divorces, spiking the divorce rate. Then, many were concerned about the effects this would have on the children belonging to this well-known generation. Now, many are interested in the effects that are caused by a continued trend of divorce in Baby Boomers. Property division is likely more contentious because many older individuals in Louisiana, and elsewhere, have more assets.

Can a high-asset divorce be made simpler? Perhaps

The longer a couple is married, the more likely it is for them to have accumulated wealth together. This means that if a divorce occurs, the process of property division may take much longer because the finances of the two individuals are extremely intermingled. Because of this, ownership on certain assets may be hard to determine. Some individuals in New Orleans call this complex asset division because of the financial knots created over the years that need to be untied.

Military benefits add another layer to divorce

Many in New Orleans understand the complications that can arise with divorce. A couple spends one, two, three decades together - they have shared their lives for a considerable amount of time and have accumulated many assets. They have lived together under the same roof, blended their day-to-day activities together, had children, signed mortgages and car loans together, purchased furniture and vacation homes together and so on.

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