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December 2012 Archives

Could a return of R & R save military marriages?

Policy changes in the U.S. military may have lasting effects on families in Louisiana. According to officials, changes in 2012 reduced most deployments within the Army to a length of nine months. While this is not the case for all deployments, it eliminated the ability for soldiers to be granted environmental morale leave. Also known as R & R- rest and recuperation - the leave gave soldiers time to head home in mid-deployment and be with their families. Some believe that the elimination of this benefit may cause even more military divorces to occur.

Divorced parents often struggle with the holidays

The holidays are a special time for most residents of Louisiana. The celebrations begin on Thanksgiving, continue through Christmas and extend until New Year's Day. During these times, divorced parents often want to spend time with their children, but due to certain clauses in a custody agreement, it may not be their year to have the kids. Whether or not that's true, a parent should take steps to make sure that they prepare themselves and their children for the holidays.

Mothers, know the benefits of admitting paternity

From time to time, new mothers in Louisiana do not know who the father of their children are. In other cases, mothers do not want to give the father of the child the rights that come with paternity so they deny the father by not admitting the man's fatherhood. This can cause a serious rift for the parenting relationship, but it can be mended and forced upon the mother through legal motions and DNA tests.

How can the stresses on military families be addressed?

What sort of pressures do military couples face that their civilian counterparts do not? For starters, there are the constant worries distance and violence can bring, especially if a spouse is stationed overseas in a battle zone. These alone can cause a Louisiana couple to consider a military divorce, especially if they are poor at communicating or not dedicated to one another. But couldn't it be easier for couples to stay together if the active military member had more say over his or her stationing, as well as other factors of a military career?

Cries for equal child custody rights from disabled parents

Americans with disabilities have been fighting a long time to drive home the notion that they deserve more than lip service when it comes to individual rights. They know they are entitled to equal human rights and they've made great strides on some fronts, but in Louisiana and elsewhere, there may still be an area where they face challenges. One is in the area of their rights concerning child custody.

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