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February 2013 Archives

Debate over division of military retirement benefits rages

There are a number of complexities that members of the military must deal with, many of them that civilians will never have to touch. Though most of these stem from battle, there are others that some civilians may sympathize with -- those stem from divorce. According to some groups, changes need to be made to the process of military divorce. Some soldiers in Louisiana will likely support these changes as they address the 1982 Uniformed Services Former Spouses Protection Act.

Could a separate account help you during your marriage, divorce?

Once married, many women and men in Louisiana find themselves depending on one another. This dependence is emotional, physical and financial. In order to mitigate some of the stress associated with a divorce, some experts suggest keeping a secret fund that only you can access - not your spouse. This gives spouses a bit of an edge should divorce come, but it can also cause some issues during the property division process if it is approached incorrectly.

Wife receives $3.7 million home and alimony in divorce

The recent finalization of a divorce can mean quite a bit to the spouses involved. Some in Louisiana have felt relieved once their split was finally official. But when the end of a marriage has been complicated and the number of assets has made it contentious, the final moments of the divorce case can feel bittersweet, if not just bitter. The complex asset divorce of the general manager for the New York Yankees seems to have been just like this, considering the circumstances that led to the split.

Man finds that divorce makes him a better father

Divorce has the ability to tear a parent up inside. When the kids are no longer a regular part of a parent's life because the marriage has ended, it can really make the parents reflect on who they are and how much they care for and love their children. Many people in Louisiana have felt this, but only some have allowed the potentially damaging effects of a child custody determination to transform them into a better parent. That is what one man did after he and his wife ended their relationship.

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