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Man sues clinic over ex-girlfriend's insemination

A 44-year-old man from Louisiana has claimed that an ex-girlfriend stole his sperm and had herself impregnated with it. According to reports, that man has filed a lawsuit against the operator of a sperm donation clinic where his sperm was reportedly stored for another woman, one that he has a 12-year-old child with. Now, he has another child, this one - now 2 years old - with the aforementioned ex-girlfriend. Paternity tests have determined that the child is his.

According to the lawsuit, the man donated his sperm to a clinic in Texas. The sperm was kept there for a woman who already had one of his children. He alleges that his ex-girlfriend went to the clinic and talked her way into receiving two vials. These vials were then used to inseminate her by a physician in the same building. The allegations do not suggest why she would have done such a thing, simply that he will owe child support in order to provide for the 2 year old. In addition, the father said that he has never been allowed to see the young boy.

In a counter suit, the mother claimed that the father said she could use the sperm. She said that he was aware of her insemination and her intentions to become pregnant with his child. Her lawyer said that the father is after money, hoping to receive some from the medical facility and the mother's family via his lawsuit. That attorney added that the father has never requested to see his child.

When discussing the financial burden of the child, the father said that it will be hard but the emotional burden will be much harder. He stated that he was worried about the effects of the child being conceived and born into this controversy, something that has already affected him and his family - according to his statement. His lawyer said that the major issue here is that the clinic does not have enough precautionary procedures to stop such a situation from happening.

Source: KHOU, "Man says ex-girlfriend stole his sperm, files lawsuit against clinic," Sherry Williams, Feb. 28, 2013

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