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Small debts may be forgotten during divorce

In a divorce without children, a couple often fights the hardest over the assets they once shared. This may be for a number of reasons: sentimental value, fiscal revenge, and financial need, to name a few. But whatever the reason, property division can quickly become a nightmare and many divorced couples in New Orleans can confirm this.

Military man wants divorce after wife spent 25 years with him

Some people in New Orleans would say that compared to military couples, civilians have it easy. And though this may not always be true, a couple with at least one person in the military has to confront many adversities. In the past decade, the U.S. has been in two wars, leaving many military personnel away from their families, risking their lives overseas for lengthy periods of time. The problem with this is that some married couples do not deal with this as well as others and it can lead to a military divorce.

Pay attention to the kids during divorce

Parents in New Orleans--like parents elsewhere--often struggle with the determinations that come with divorce, particularly child custody. This is an important part of the divorce for obvious reasons, but largely because it dictates whom the child will be spending the majority of her or his time with. While most divorcing parents worry about the possibility that they will receive the short-end of the custody stick, there is also the possibility that joint custody will be awarded. In a joint custody situation, former partners must be much more agreeable to make sure that the best interests of the child are fulfilled.

How would a lottery jackpot affect your marriage?

Many people in New Orleans have dreamed of winning the lottery, and some people have done it. But what happens when that money gets in the way of your marriage or you suddenly realize you have the financial independence you desired before dumping your spouse? There are a number of things that can happen, but it's likely a divorce will result in split winnings due to the property division phase. For some people, a divorce is the first thing they want after winning the lottery.

What should you do with the divorce payout?

Your divorce has been finalized and you can now estimate what your immediate future is going to look like. At this point, many people let out a deep sigh of relief, even though the real battle is just about to begin. The uncertainty of property division, child custody determinations, alimony and child support awards is generally over. Though some spouses in Louisiana have already fought hard for these things with their attorneys at their side, there is more fighting yet to be done and it is often done alone.

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