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How would a lottery jackpot affect your marriage?

Many people in New Orleans have dreamed of winning the lottery, and some people have done it. But what happens when that money gets in the way of your marriage or you suddenly realize you have the financial independence you desired before dumping your spouse? There are a number of things that can happen, but it's likely a divorce will result in split winnings due to the property division phase. For some people, a divorce is the first thing they want after winning the lottery.

Couples often bicker as assets are divided and fight for things they believe should go with them instead of their divorcing counterpart. The adversarial mentality underneath the surface of the process easily allows for this conflict. This is in spite of the fact that some think working together to find a compromise is a much healthier way of reaching an agreement. Spouses may not resent each other as long and in many cases, that certain piece of property can be kept. There are other spouses that will fight bitterly over the smallest details of property division.

Now, imagine this conflict if a windfall of millions of dollars was suddenly on the table. Though the division would likely be somewhat close to 50/50 due to marital property and community property laws, the likelihood for conflict could be increased, especially if the winnings were recent. Money can make people do crazy things, and millions of it can make people do really crazy things, particularly if they are not used to having it. Stories about lottery winners often warn against spending it all and losing it to scams and other things. Divorce may be lumped in here but even a divided lottery jackpot can go a long way.

If you are worried about property division or your divorce in general, speak with a lawyer that specializes in the dissolution process. The advice you receive could be priceless.

Source:  timesunion.com, "Divorce isn't part of the jackpot" No author given, May. 06, 2013

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