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Military man wants divorce after wife spent 25 years with him

Some people in New Orleans would say that compared to military couples, civilians have it easy. And though this may not always be true, a couple with at least one person in the military has to confront many adversities. In the past decade, the U.S. has been in two wars, leaving many military personnel away from their families, risking their lives overseas for lengthy periods of time. The problem with this is that some married couples do not deal with this as well as others and it can lead to a military divorce.

In one woman's case, her divorce is coming after 25 years of marriage. Her husband was an active member of the Navy and though she believes that it kept her marriage together, she thinks that his duty was the ultimate reason for their upcoming split. According to her, she was served divorce papers two months ago and her husband is not willing to reconcile. She has asked him to go to counseling with her to repair their relationship but he refuses to do so. She thinks that he is acting rash and believes that he will come around eventually. But he has said that they have grown apart and after spending a major chunk of the last two decades apart, it's no wonder this may have happened.

Deployment can be extremely taxing on a relationship, married or not. The demands of the military can be detrimental to the relationship itself but it can also be consuming for the individual tasked with the job. The husband in this case used to take every job that he could and extra jobs that were not necessary when offered. The wife thinks that maybe she should have seen this as a sign to get out. It's possible that the amount of time the man spent abroad could have been distracting both spouses from the problem at hand: that their relationship was deteriorating.

But now that he has served her with papers, it is likely that the relationship will end. An expert commenting on the matter suggested that she get legal advice in the very near future because it will likely be necessary to ensure a financially stable future for her. She spent the last 25 years investing herself in the marriage and little else, potentially leaving her with nothing but a divorce.

Source:  Military.com, "After 25 Years, Never Saw Divorce Coming" Ms. Vicki, May. 20, 2013

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