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A controlling spouse can make a divorce much worse

While some married couples in New Orleans will be able to go through a divorce without too much of an incident, others will struggle for years in court fighting against one another. These couples may include one spouse who is controlling and trying to retain the power that she or he has over the other partner. Though the battle may be expectedly stressful and lengthy, there are ways to prepare for this. If you want to get a fair share during the property division process, as well as a proper child custody and support ruling, you should make sure that at least some, if not all, of these precautions are taken.

How could a sexual assault bill affect innocent fathers?

Men in New Orleans may not always get to hear what they want when their significant other has a child: that the child is theirs. But there are plenty of reasons that this may not be the case or that a woman would make this claim. Paternity disputes are not as rare as one might think and they give men the opportunity to prove that a child is theirs, not someone else's. Many men have been shortchanged by women who have managed to keep their children away with such claims and it seems that, in some states, there may be even more opportunity for this to happen.

How complicated can a child custody case get?

The number of child custody issues in New Orleans must be astronomical. With so many families living in the city, divorce is bound to happen. When the split is between parents, custody of the children must be determined. Some cases are easier than others, usually those with parents who are willing to work together on a co-parenting agreement that allows them to share joint custody and raise the child as parents and friends. But then there is the opposite end of the spectrum: parents who are willing to do anything to have custody of their children, whether its legal or not.

What happens to your insurance during divorce?

Married couples often share insurance policies, usually to save money but also to care for one another. But when spouses stop caring for one another, what happens? There are number of issues that must be tackled during divorce and insurance is definitely one of them. Often, it is a facet that involved parties neglect to address. This may be due to the many types of insurance that married couples often share: disability, long-term care, car, home, health and life. Some of these policies are more prevalent than others, particularly life and health insurance. And in a complex asset divorce, life insurance may be the most important one to address.

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