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July 2013 Archives

Don't forget about debt during a divorce

When most couples in New Orleans think about divorce, their minds run through the child custody issues and alimony decisions, probably with some worry. But when it comes to property division, they may think that certain items are theirs while others are not -- they may think they've got it all figured out already. The problem is that a lot of individuals neglect the fact that they have brought debt into the marriage that has yet to be addressed. This debt, whether it was incurred before or after the marriage, must be addressed by both parties if both spouses have contributed to it.

What about postnuptial agreements?

Many people in New Orleans, Louisiana, have heard of a prenuptial agreement, but what about a postnuptial agreement? Though the two documents are very similar, there is one major difference between the two: prenups are created before the wedding while postnups are created afterward. Both of these give couples the ability to hash out property issues should the marriage ever be dissolved, and in complex asset divorces, this can be extremely beneficial for both parties.

New paternity tests help determine father even earlier

Not all parents get along with one another. This is underscored by the number of paternity disputes that have occurred in New Orleans. Many mothers and fathers have found themselves caught up in such a dispute, fighting over whether the man involved in the case is the father of the involved children or not. Researchers have been working toward ways for determining paternity for years and until recently, the earliest that the father of a fetus could be determined was nine weeks into the pregnancy. But thanks to technological advances, a new test can determine this as early as five weeks.

A prenuptial agreement may have made your divorce easier

Many people in New Orleans bemoan the prenuptial agreement and too often, it's newlyweds. Experts often consider this document extremely useful and efficient, especially when it's done right. But most simply write prenups off because they seem unromantic and sterile. Little do these people know that a prenup can save them both time and money by making the property division process during a divorce much simpler. It can even be a useful tool to make your marriage better, particularly in regards to how two new spouses address their finances.

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