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A prenuptial agreement may have made your divorce easier

Many people in New Orleans bemoan the prenuptial agreement and too often, it's newlyweds. Experts often consider this document extremely useful and efficient, especially when it's done right. But most simply write prenups off because they seem unromantic and sterile. Little do these people know that a prenup can save them both time and money by making the property division process during a divorce much simpler. It can even be a useful tool to make your marriage better, particularly in regards to how two new spouses address their finances.

The contents of a prenuptial agreement help dictate the pulse of the divorce, typically in regards to who gets what during the marital dissolution. Many people think that they are only for the wealthy, but really, they can be beneficial for anyone with assets - and that is nearly everyone who is getting married. By bringing assets into the marriage, you are at risk of losing them upon divorce. Through a prenup though, spouses can specify what is theirs when they bring it into the marriage to make sure they leave the marriage with it, as well. This even includes pets.

For those that believe that a prenuptial agreement is bad for a marriage, think about it like this: By discussing finances before the marriage, both spouses get a sense of how money will be handled during the rest of the relationship. This early glimpse can give spouses a hint of what's to come and maybe something to nip in the bud before it gets out of control.

If you've been through a divorce and are planning to get married again, you probably understand the benefits of a prenup. If not and you're in the middle of a divorce, you should contact an attorney to make sure that the division of assets is fair to you. Without the help of a legal professional, you may find yourself getting the short end of the stick.

Source:  Business Insider, "9 Questions You Want To Know But Are Too Afraid To Ask About Prenups" Alden Wicker, Jul. 02, 2013

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