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Emotions may boil over into divorce proceedings

New Orleans is no exception to the increase in divorce seen among baby boomers. According to reports, about 25 percent of marital dissolutions involve individuals over the age of 50. With this in mind, it can be easy to see the complications that might arise. A large portion of them may arrive with the property division procedures, considering the amount of wealth many people in middle age have collected with spouses that they have spent more than a decade with. Consider this relationship and the things that happened during their divorce:

Study shows deployment affects military divorce rate

A thorough examination of divorce in the military has revealed a number of interesting observations that are relevant to military couples from New Orleans. Researchers with the Rand Corporation examined information from more than 462,000 enlisted service members who married during their service. All of these individuals were part of the military between March 1999 and June 2008. Perhaps one of the more obvious points of the report was that deployments have an effect on divorce rates in the military.

Considering divorce? Try taking a breather first

If the supposed divorce rate is to be believed, about half of married couples in New Orleans will go through a divorce this year. Whether or not it is accurate, this rate should make some spouses realize that they may not be happy in their marriages, that they want something more or want something different. And while arguments may be riddling your current relationship, you owe it to your spouse, yourself and your children to take a timeout and think about the situation before jumping right into divorce. This could do one of two things: you could realize that you want to continue the marriage and work harder on it, or it could allow you to begin preparations for a divorce.

Work with each other instead of against each other during split

The traditional image of divorce that many people hold in New Orleans goes something like this: A couple gets married, their relationship breaks down, someone decides to call it quits for one reason or another, and then everything goes to pieces. Emotional breakdowns are common, heated arguments happen regularly, and the courtroom becomes a war zone between generals who used to fight for the same side. This is not how divorce has to be, no matter what sort of property is at stake and no matter how hard you fight for primary custody of your kids.

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