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Mia Farrow claims that her son is actually Frank Sinatra's

If your paternity rights are in question, you might be worried about how it will affect your time with your child. Likewise, though, paternity matters that aren't settled can lead to people asking for money, time and ruining your reputation. In any case, it's important to know exactly whose child is whose, and with a paternity test, you can have that chance. Louisiana natives who watch celebrity news might have heard the claim that Mia Farrow made recently. According to her, Frank Sinatra may be the real father to her son, Ronan.

It's not really a surprise that Barbara Sinatra quickly replied to the claim. She stated that she believes the claim is a, "bunch of junk," but Farrow claims the opposite. She said that she and Sinatra had never really split up after their marriage ended in 1968 and when she was directly questioned about whether Ronan could be Sinatra's son, she simply replied that it was possible.

In the midst of these claims, Woody Allen, the believed father of Ronan, was left without much to say. A simple DNA or paternity test could clear up this matter, but it's not clear if Ronan Farrow will go that far. According to his Twitter messages, he's somewhat laughed off the news and said that everyone is "possibly" a son of Frank Sinatra. At this time, there are no DNA tests that have been done, so the world may not find out anytime soon.

If you find yourself questioning your paternity or even the father of your child, it's simple to find out when everyone chooses to do so. A DNA test can make it much easier to tell who is related to who, and that is the start of factual evidence that can help clear up any arguments there may be about custody or a right to visitation or child support benefits.

Source:  USA TODAY, "Barbara Sinatra: Mia Farrow's son isn't Frank's" Bruce Fessier, Oct. 02, 2013

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