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Pauly D seeking custody of his baby girl

If you've had a child and are separated or divorced from the other parent, you may find yourself struggling with a child custody case. In any case involving your children, it's important to do what's best for your child. News from Oct. 24 about Pauly D's challenging child custody case may have been something you've come across; he's trying to seek custody of his daughter.

Cherokee girl allowed to stay with adoptive parents

In cases of divorce, it's common to want to have joint custody with your spouse. It's often preferable for parents to decide on custody and visitation on their own, but when they can't, the courts can step in an appoint times for each parent to be with a child. If you're going through a divorce in New Orleans and are having difficulties deciding on visitation and custody rights, make sure you're clear on your rights as a parent.

Considering divorce? Try taking a breather first

If the supposed divorce rate is to be believed, about half of married couples in New Orleans will go through a divorce this year. Whether or not it is accurate, this rate should make some spouses realize that they may not be happy in their marriages, that they want something more or want something different. And while arguments may be riddling your current relationship, you owe it to your spouse, yourself and your children to take a timeout and think about the situation before jumping right into divorce. This could do one of two things: you could realize that you want to continue the marriage and work harder on it, or it could allow you to begin preparations for a divorce.

What type of custody is in your kids' best interests?

Divorcing parents in New Orleans have a lot of decisions to make as the marriage comes to an end. Property has to be divided and spousal support may have to be allocated if there is a major difference in the spouses' incomes. But then there is child custody -- which usually brings child support in tow -and this is often the most contentious part of a divorce for people who have children. If the couple can make the decision without the help of a judge's ruling, then a parenting plan can be devised together. But the problem with creating a parenting plan together is that there can be a lot of hidden resentment between the parents, causing disagreements to arise frequently.

How complicated can a child custody case get?

The number of child custody issues in New Orleans must be astronomical. With so many families living in the city, divorce is bound to happen. When the split is between parents, custody of the children must be determined. Some cases are easier than others, usually those with parents who are willing to work together on a co-parenting agreement that allows them to share joint custody and raise the child as parents and friends. But then there is the opposite end of the spectrum: parents who are willing to do anything to have custody of their children, whether its legal or not.

Pay attention to the kids during divorce

Parents in New Orleans--like parents elsewhere--often struggle with the determinations that come with divorce, particularly child custody. This is an important part of the divorce for obvious reasons, but largely because it dictates whom the child will be spending the majority of her or his time with. While most divorcing parents worry about the possibility that they will receive the short-end of the custody stick, there is also the possibility that joint custody will be awarded. In a joint custody situation, former partners must be much more agreeable to make sure that the best interests of the child are fulfilled.

Joint custody may be better for the kids

Though the U.S. is a progressive nation, many people in Louisiana still believe that parts of the divorce process are still biased. Some say these biases -- if they are apparent -- often fall in the favor of the woman, particularly in regards to child custody. This leaves many fathers feeling slighted and incapable of giving their children the love that they may want to. Though there are some instances where fathers are not interested in raising their kids, this is certainly not the case in all situations where the mother is given full custody.

Man finds that divorce makes him a better father

Divorce has the ability to tear a parent up inside. When the kids are no longer a regular part of a parent's life because the marriage has ended, it can really make the parents reflect on who they are and how much they care for and love their children. Many people in Louisiana have felt this, but only some have allowed the potentially damaging effects of a child custody determination to transform them into a better parent. That is what one man did after he and his wife ended their relationship.

Limit negativity while co-parenting

Co-parenting is rarely an easy task. Dividing child custody time with your ex can be emotionally draining and difficult for everyone involved, especially if enmity exists between parents. New Orleans child custody experts provide a few tips for ex-spouses who may be struggling to make their parenting agreement work after a divorce.

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